• Dox

  • JsDoc Toolkit

  • jsDuck - Simple JavaScript Duckumentation generator.

  • docco.coffee - Even though primarily written for CoffeeScript, works with JavaScript too apparently.

  • docco-husky - More features than docco.

  • Sphinx - Uses ReST syntax by default. Supports Python the best but it's adequate for other languages too. No automatic generation based on source, though.

  • YUIDoc

  • doctor - A documentation parser built around an AST parser. Need to have a bit more of a look at it, but it looks pretty interesting.

  • dr.js

  • joDoc & jodoc-js

  • AutoObjectDocumentation

  • NDoc - Based on PDoc

  • DocumentUp

  • mdoc - Generates documentation based on external markdown files.


  • Let's Make a Framework: JSDoc - Despite the name this is an article that walks you through the process of using dox (see above) for generating your API documentation. NOTE: The article does use an older version of dox that generates HTML output rather then the current version which generates JSON that can be passed to a templating engine.

  • Inline documentation, why I’m ditching it - Explains advantages and disadvantages of inline and external documentations.