These libraries aim to wrap the Canvas element and extend it one way or another. Some focus on making it easier to use while others add extra functionality as well.

Name Latest Release Size (KB) License Unit Tests Deps IE SVG Docs Notes
Artisan.js 17 no
BitmapData.js Canvas implementation of AS3 BitmapData class.
CanvasContext2DWrapper Method chaining for Canvas
canto.js 0.15 (2010-10-18) 56 yes
canvas_library Canvas abstraction
drawlib2dv 2D vector graphics
easel.js 33 MIT no no no yes An attempt to create a Flash like DisplayList API for the Canvas element (making it pretty easy to manage a lot of items).
Fabric.js 0.6 76 MIT yes yes yes yes Demo. Note that this handles SVG too.
fxCanvas 0.2 yes Flash based implementation of Canvas for IE.
Graphics2D 1.0 67 MIT/LGPL no yes no no Object-oriented, animations, events and more...
gury.js 10 no yes
HTML5 Canvas Library 12
KineticJS 52 MIT yes yes yes yes Object oriented, node nesting, event driven, animation, transitions, and more
Layered Canvas Library 21 Not maintained anymore
Libcanvas Convenience methods
libCanvas LGPL AtomJS no no Canvas library
Mootools Canvas Library 8 Mootools
NeonCanvas AGPLv3
oCanvas 2.2.1 70 MIT no yes no yes Object-based canvas drawing


These applications use Canvas one way or another: